Holiday home usage rules and good practice

  • Check-in from 15:00, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Check-out no later than 12:00 on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  • We assume that the visitor uses the holiday home (also an outdoor area) for the intended purposes and prudently. The premises and outdoor area must be left in a polite condition when reelased. If there is a need to move the furniture, the furniture must be returned as it was on arrival. The holiday home is self-service.
  • Please do not switch on all electrical appliaces at once! If you open the windows, please switch off the heaters (air heat pump, radiators). Indoor smoking is prohibited! Please do not leave burning candles unattended. Barbecue in the fireplace isn’t allowed.
  • Be sure not to overheat the sauna. It is not allowed to use honey or other substances that lubricate the wooden surface in the sauna.
  • Additional guests (including visitors who do not stay overnight) are only allowed on mutual agreement and their must be paid for according to the valid price list. The person booking the holiday home is responsible for all people accompanying him.
  • The user of the holiday home is required to fill in a registration form (§ 24 of the Tourism Act of the Republic of Estonia).
  • The damaging of property must be reported immediately to the accommodation establishment. If the customer’s fault for damaging objects is proven, then the customer is responsible for it and is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the accommodation company.
  • The accommodation establishment has the right to demand a cotractual penalty of 50 euros if no general cleaning has been done when handing over the accommodation establishment, 200 euros if theres been smoking indoors, used premises for unintended purposes (violated rules of use of the holiday home, inventory or other damage to the propery) to which damages are repaired to the extent of the repair and replacement of the destroyed property. The user of the holiday home is required to pay a contractual penalty and compensate for the damage caused within 5 (five) working days.
  • The night peace starts from 00.00 – 06.00 in the summer period except Midsummer night, In the winter period it starts at 23.00 – 07.00 (noise, loud music, etc. is not allowed).
  • The accommodation company is not responsible for the loss of the client’s personal belongings. You can ask information about lost items by phone +372 53 417 487 or by e-mail Found items are stored for 1 month.

Pet owner’s guide

  • Pets are only allowed in the holiday home by prior arrangement and must be paid for according to the price list.
  • Well-behaved dogs are especially welcome. If you would like to bring another pet, please consult us in advance.
  • Please do not leave your pet unattended in the holiday home. The owner of the animal must keep the pet clean. Pets are not allowed in the bed.
  • For the pet, we have prepared dishes in the house, a towel for cleaning the paws, plastic bags for collecting feces and a nest / blanket for sleeping.
  • Animal faeces should be disposed of in a plastic bag. When washing your pet’s paws, use the provided paw towels.
  • The accommodation service provider has the right to demand compensation from the owner of the animal for the damage caused by the pet, including a surcharge if the house needs major cleaning (including dry cleaning) after leaving.